Friday, January 31, 2014


Hello. Me again....:P
Don't worry. Growing up is the least of all of our worries. Or is it?
Nobody wants to grow up, but we as humans are not given a choice. I mean, God, knows what happens. Just surprisingly, some kids lose their lives before they even grow up. I mean, literally. They die, somehow. Do they have it lucky? My answer would be no. Just living life is a gift. What about the babies? The ones that die before they are even born? They don't have it lucky. They wen't able to live life. :/ They weren't even given a spirit. Poor things. So, you, everyone, I ask: what do we miss in life? I mean when we have it good, to being a kid, we don't realize that we have it good in America or anywhere else. We just don't relize. Life is a gift. Use it, wisely.

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